Why YOU should chose US

Why should you chose us? There are a lot of people doing barn doors these days. I think 3 things are most important when considering who to hire: whos going in and out of your families home, the quality of the door, and the price of the door.

Whos going in your home?
Nobody wants their door being installed by some guy a company found on craigslist last minute. All in home visits are handled by me, my wife or a long time family friend. I only employ long time friends that I trust whos backgrounds I know for work in your house, and we reward them for their professionalism so you can relax knowing youre in caring hands.

Quality of the build and installation.
Building and installing barn doors and pallet walls isnt rocket science, but building really good, problem free barn doors, and installing them quickly with precision is. Ive built and experimented with quite a few different styles of door building, Ive worked on doors built by experienced craftsmen and Ive seen barn door built by companies that well… shouldn’t be barn door companies. So what separates my doors from the competition?

Light free guarantee. We build our doors to be light-tight. No one wants beams of light coming into a dark bedroom!

-Installed at the shop first. We install our doors at our workshop to make sure they arent warped before we come to you. Warping causes the door to go far into or away from the opening its covering. Its hard to spot without hanging, and not catching it means you spend another day at home on the 2nd install.

-Full coverage paint & stain. We paint and stain all the boards prior to assembly. this means you wont see natural timber color in deep cracks. No shortcuts here.

-Dry paint and stain. With our 3 day (minimum) cure time from last coat of color to installation, you dont smell drying paint&stain fumes, wet paint on site for minor touch up is kept to a minimum, and you wont spend hours waiting while the installer paints it at your house – while hoping they clean up.

Price of project.
I build custom, high quality doors with all the features that are critical for a top shelf product and I offer professional, experienced and trustworthy installation services for your new addition. I use high quality hardware and put an emphasis on communicating exactly the level of “rustic” or “modern” you want in your design elements. The only thing I Dont offer is “authentically sourced antique barn wood” and the thousands of dollars it commands. See our list of prices or contact us for an estimate and you’ll see were extremely competitive without sacrificing quality.